Let's review the various supplements available to assist you in dropping those extra pounds. Fat blockers and carbo blockers are chemicals designed to keep the body from digesting the fats and carbohydrates taken in during a meal.


    Every January 1st, over 35 million Americans make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight. Perhaps some assistance for a more rapid loss of weight would have been helpful.

    Long term use of some supplements can lead to a plateau effect during the weight loss program. After 30 days of taking stimulants to boost the metabolism, the body begins to understand what is going on and turns down your metabolic thermostat. Stimulant type supplements need to be taken in cycles to avoid this potential problem.

    The supplements used to assist in weight loss programs are typically fillers, stimulants and/or thermogenics. ALL weight loss systems need to include dietary changes and an exercise program to provide for overall health.

    Ephedra-based supplements, those containing Ma Huang or its counterparts, are also stimulants. There is a wide variation from plant to plant and due to the stimulant nature of ephedrine, it can present serious problems in excessive doses. Pregnant women and anyone with high blood pressure or heart problems should be extremely cautious with any such supplements and proceed under the supervision of a health care professional.

    I hope this information helps you on your road to achieving a healthy weight. If you would like further material on any topic discussed in this article or would like to suggest an idea for an article, please contact me through my website.

    The final category of weight loss supplements is thermogenics, like choline and inosital. These supplements are often used in bodybuilding to help reduce the percentage of body fat. They return to the old habits and deny themselves the feeling of health and vitality that comes with lower weight and proper nutrition.

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